Proposing on Valentines? An Interview with our very own Karl Pfeiffenberger .

Believe it or not, about four million American men propose to their girlfriends each Valentine’s day. Valentine’s Day being the one romantic holiday in the year requires some planning on the part of guys if you’re dating someone.  But what if Cupid inspires you to pop the question on this day filled with pink champagne, red roses and chocolate filled hearts. 

For answers, we turned to Karl Pfeiffenberger, our partner who recently got engaged and is still floating on Cloud Nine.

NEET Center:  Karl, what is the number one piece of advice you have to one of the millions of guys out there who will ask their girlfriends to marry them on Valentines Day?

Karl:  Know that asking someone to marry you on Valentine’s Day is a game-changer. It can be a great way to celebrate a truly romantic evening together and make it one you both will never forget. On the other hand, it can be considered cliche. So if you’re going to propose my number one piece of advice is to Surprise Her!

NEET Center: Can you elaborate?

Karl: Surea lot of guys think they need to go overboard to make the proposal special.  In reality, while the over the top proposal may make for a great online video, don’t do something grandiose if it isn’t you.  Remember what makes the day special is that you’re telling her she is the love of your life and you want to spend he rest of your life with her.

NEET Center:  So no diamond rings in the champagne glass?

Karl:  I would stay away from the cliché.  If you’ve made plans for a romantic dinner, perhaps surprise her by proposing later on in the evening rather than having the waiter bring the ring under a platter. Go for dessert at different location or curl up together and watch a movie. Doing the unexpected on the expected day can be really memorable for both of you.

NEET Center:  What about nerves?

Karl: Let’s face it no matter what you are going to be nervous.  But Don’t Stress and Try to Keep It Natural.  That’s another reason not to do an over-the-top proposal unless of course that it is who you are.  But if it isn’t your personality the proposal can seem contrived.

Just as importantly, any proposal really is not about you but rather her or better yet, us or we. 

NEET Center:  So thinking about her will calm your nerves?


Karl: What I mean is that the focus of the proposal should be her.  You have to think about her personality.  If she is shy do you really want a mariachi band playing as you drop down on one knee with the entire restaurant watching and snapping pictures.

NEET Center: Yes, I guess you have to consider that we live in a world where every person has a camera in their cell phone.

Karl: The good news there is that you’re going to want to capture the moment.  Every woman wants to share that picture of the ring on their finger.  Social media allows that to happen instantaneously.  So the caveat to Rule 1: Surprise Her is to make sure she looks good when you do it. If she’s is in a pair of sweats and just gotten back from a 10 mile run it’s probably not the way she wants to be photographed for the big occasion.

NEET Center: You’ve been engaged now for a few months and have been on Cloud Nine since proposing.  What advice would you tell the guys out there who may be a bit tongue-tied. 

Karl: Share your feelings with her. You can never go wrong doing so.  A lot of guys have a hard time opening up and showing their emotions.  So in many instances the most memorable and tender of proposals are the ones that are sincere and heartfelt. Women love to be told why they are loved and why a man wants to spend the rest of his life with them.  They don’t necessarily need or want to be on the Jumbo-Tron Kiss Cam at the stadium when you do so.

NEET Center:  All great pieces of advice, Anything else those guys out there thinking of proposing should know?

Karl: Proposing can take some planning and preparation but it is well worth it.  Likewise, finding the perfect venue and one that will work with you so that all of her dreams of a perfect wedding come true is well worth it.  At the NEET Center we listen to what you want rather than telling what you can have for your wedding. Does she have a caterer she wants to use? No worries. 100 guests.  We can accommodate that.  300 guests.  We can do that too.  Flowers.  Check. Your own decorations.  Check Check.  We’re here to make your dreams come true.  Learn more at